About Us

Dr Bruce White is a family doctor at Vincentia Medical Centre with a special interest in emergency medicine and laser dermatology.  Dr White has developed expertise in treating sun damaged skin and precancers, along with vascular conditions and other medical and cosmetic concerns.  Dr White is passionate about increasing the availability of laser resurfacing to a much wider market.  His hobbies include cycling, backpacking and photography. He co-produced a fantasy short film that was screened at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and which is currently being made into a feature length movie shot in Iceland by a Los Angeles production company.

Mrs Anastasia Koshova is Ukrainian born laser therapist.  She comes from a family of healthcare professionals and is eager to apply her skills as a laser therapist in Australia.  She has additional qualifications in laser safety, IPL and laser therapy, which were obtained in Queensland.

Our mission statement is:

To provide the latest scientifically supported cosmetic and medical treatments in a professional and ethical manner.

To provide a friendly and caring service.

Where possible to provide medical and cosmetic treatments at below average market rates.

To establish a centre of excellence in treating sun damaged skin and precancers and to encourage referrals from specialists and GP colleagues.